Towbox V2 Black Edition

TowBox TowBox V2 Dog

Ref.: T2D000N

Pet carrier. The most practical, simple, clean and comfortable way to carry your dogs.

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  • City Crash Test.
  • TOWBOX® V2 DOG has a veterinary certificate which makes it ideal for animal
  • transportation.
  • Your dogs will travel comfortably and you will keep the inside of your vehicle free from odours and potential damage such as scratches, stains or bites.
  • TOWBOX® V2 DOG is equipped with a central splitter and detachable bottom. 
  • Inner dimensions: 112 x 52 x 54 cm  (width x  high x length )
  • The brackets of the V20 plate have been designed so that it is kept separate from the box and to allow proper ventilation for the pets.
  • It includes a central splitter to carry the animals independently.
  • It has drainage holes for easy cleaning.
  • Payload maximum: 50 kg. 
  • Check the current regulations in your country regarding the salient load of a vehicle

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