Motorbike TowCar Racing


Ref.: AEPM030

Anchored to the vehicle's towball. 

Producto Premium (consultar condiciones)

  • Automatic coupling on the towball.
  • Anti-theft on coupling included.
  • The motorbike is secured using ratchet-type straps.
  • 7 and 13 pin electric connection.
  • Can be fitted to the vehicle by just one person effortlessly.
  • Can be stored in the garage or store room. 
  • No need to pass the MOT. 
  • Payload: 75 kg. 
  • Steel frame. 
  • Unladen weifht (kt): 21 kg.
  • Dimensions when folded: 96x57x26 cm. 
  • Can be stored in the trunk. 
  • Includes ramp to load the motorbike.
  • Check the current regulations in your country regarding the salient load of a vehicle. 

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