The universal wiring kit Aragón 501 has supposed a before and an after in the towbar industry.Its reliability and outputs have made this product to reach an international success. Absolutely  versatile, can be fitted on any kind of vehicle. The wiring kit ensures the proper operation of the lighting of the trailer without interfereing in the lighting circuit of the towing vehicle and protecting it from any damage that can be caused for a current overloading in the trailer.

We have at your disposal several versions: Aragón -501 7 pin mini, Aragón 501 7 pin Maxi and Aragón 501 13 pin Maxi. All of them include the most reliable analogue modul of the market and all the componets needed to make an easy and safe fitting.

The Maxi versions, apart from ensuring the proper working of the trailer lighting and  protecting  the vehicle, offer extra functions as: the possibility of disabling the analogue reverse senses, the fog light and activate the C2 System. The long experience of Enganches Aragón with this product makes us able to provide you a complete technical service. In case of doubt please contact us.